What We Do

Respond to Needs

We work with local communities to respond to the immediate material needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families.

Social Mobilisation

We utilise social media and our volunteer network to mobilise people just like yourself, to put out a call to donate urgently needed items such as nappies, clothing, blankets, prams and cots etc.

Organised Donations

These donated items are then checked, sorted and distributed directly to families through Maternal and Child Health Workers and other community welfare agencies.

I thought having a newborn was a hard job! But then I thought about parents doing it without all the things I took for granted. So I’ve been passing on my baby’s things as he grows out of them – knowing it’s going to a less fortunate family feels much better than just putting it on eBay or Gumtree.    Karen, Ivanhoe

Australian Context

Our Target Populations & Approach

Target Populations

Big Group Hug provides support to vulnerable families with children aged 0-12 experiencing situational hardship or disadvantage that have been referred by maternal and child health nurses or other social sector agencies.

Our Approach

We will lead the development and implementation of innovative ways to mobilise responsive community support to meet current gaps in essential material requirements for vulnerable children aged 0-12 through social media, capacity building in local communities and partnerships.

How We Work

We Connect

We will connect where practical with existing social services and Maternal Child Heath Workers to provide equitable timely support and material assistance to disadvantaged, marginalised or vulnerable parents with young children (0-12 years).

We Create

We will create opportunities for volunteers and our support base to positively, immediately and directly impact the lives of other families experiencing hardship.

We Contribute

We will contribute to the creation of socially inclusive communities that work together to support all children in their early years.