PJs, Socks, Singlets & Jocks Campaign

PJs, Socks, Singlets & Jocks Campaign

Helps Us With Making Warm & Happy Kids & Tots!

It’s on again this year, the Big Group Hug, PJs, Singlets, Socks and Jocks make for warm and happy tots campaign from Monday 19th April through to Friday 14th May.

We are asking families, staff &/or community to purchase new packets of underwear, socks and pyjamas for children sizes 2 to 16 (kids). All items donated go to families in our immediate community who are struggling with hardship, albeit financial, homelessness, single parent families etc. to ease their burden. Through a wide number of outreach services, Big Group Hug happily supply those in need with these bare necessities. To join our amazing group of contributors, follow these easy step:

1. Register here by clicking on THIS LINK

2. Advertise the campaign within your community by printing out and placing posters – please download  HERE & HERE

3. Place a box or tub in a convenient spot for supporters/families to drop their donations. Schools have these placed in a mutual area like the school office, or in classrooms for teachers to bring to the key point of contact. Most workplaces have a designated area like a staff room or reception area.


Once the campaign is finished there are several ways to proudly pass on your items.  Your organisation or nominated person drops all donations at our warehouse located in Bundoora, (allocated days & times will apply for drop offs) or at a drop-off point closest to you.  For further information contact us on info@biggrouphug.org