Our Wish List

We have an ongoing wishlist of practical items Big Group Hug needs to keep our operations running.

Please get in touch...

If you can donate an item on our wishlist or connect us with someone who can, we would love to here from you. Please email us: donategoods@biggrouphug.org

BGH Operations – the big ticket items!

200 sqm of office space, preferably in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. We require a large area for racking/storage, a room/space for donation sorting, and good street level access. A tilt slab factory with a roller door in a secure area would be ideal, but we are open to any offers of space! 

A new vehicle with a side sliding door (similar to a Hyundai iLoad or a smaller Volkswagen Caddy van) for collection and unloading of donated goods.

BGH Donation Management


Plastic tubs for storage of donated goods.

Large/heavy duty bags for storage of donated goods.