Mother’s Day Fundraiser

"Dance For Our Mums!"

Join Big Group Hugs “DANCE FOR OUR MUMS” campaign and get rehearsing to produce your own 'Blinding Lights Dance’ video clip.
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At Big Group Hug we dream of a world where every child can thrive.

We know that Mums (and those who do the work of Mums) give so much to make that happen. This Mothers Day we want you and your family to SHOW Mums you love them by dancing together to raise funds to help kids in need.

Join Big Group Hugs “DANCE FOR OUR MUMS” campaign and get rehearsing to produce your own ‘Blinding Lights Dance’ video clip.

Don’t know the ‘Blinding Lights’ dance phenomenon then check it out HERE performed by our very own Youth Ambassdor and her family – Don’t forget to finish with a big group hug.

Encourage friends, family and even that random person you talk to on Facebook once a year to sponsor you and your family and then once done, release the link of your video to those who are paying to watch your hidden talents be uncovered! We would love for you to upload it to our Tik Tok account.

So simple and fun that you can help Big Group provide vulnerable children and their Mums with what they need; nappies, wipes, books, cots, car seats, toys, sanitary items and many others essentials to feel safe, warm and nourished and have fun doing it!
Apart from the amazing exercise, you and your family will emerge superstars to all your friends and family and will be directly contributing to the health and wellbeing of many children.

It’s a way to tell your Mum you love her, and have an absolute ball while caring for lots of other Mums who are doing it tough.