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We, at Big Group Hug, invite you to join us in the war against waste. By repurposing pre-loved goods to provide material aid to vulnerable children and families, we are creating a sustainable, equitable future.

More than 500,000 tons of textiles end up in landfill in Australia alone. 95% of textiles that are currently being disposed of could be reused. But 40% of surveyed Australians said they threw out clothing instead of repairing or recycling it.

Finding a new, suitable home can help bring down these shocking numbers. So, we are doing everything in our power to help preserve our planet.  

Let’s clear our closets and our landfills.

If you’re ready to make a start, bring your pre-loved goods to Big Group Hug. We work hard to breathe life back into your items and prevent unnecessary waste from ending up in landfills.

Our team of volunteers tirelessly launder and repair the goods we receive to ensure they are in a good, safe condition for their recipients. If we receive a donation we can’t use, we try to pass it on to one of our partner organisations to make sure we give every donation the best chance at a new home.

So, when we say we’re committed, we mean it.

We are doing everything in our power to make sure that vulnerable children rise out of disadvantage and are not crippled from the impacts and detriments of the climate crisis.

So, join us in our commitment to a more sustainable and equitable future.

A small change to your lifestyle can mean a big change in other people’s lives.

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