Parental Stress and Child Poverty During COVID-19


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Parental distress and child poverty often go hand in hand. 

It can be challenging for parents to create a safe and happy home as they are struggling to think about where their next meal is coming from, or whether they can pay the bills. 

Navigating these challenges aren’t just difficult for the parent, but can also impact the child. Low-income parents and their children are more likely to be affected by mental illness. Moreover, in the long-term, such barriers can mitigate the child’s ability to succeed in school

We also saw these impacts increase throughout the pandemic.

For example, as homes were experiencing stress, children often faced poorer health and wellbeing. This poor health and wellbeing negatively influenced a child’s efforts to reengage in school. Moreover, it also impacted the quality of parenting and the home environment since providing necessities may be a challenge.

Sadly, because of fewer educational opportunities or a lack of motivation that children are more likely to experience poverty and disadvantage in adulthood. Also, the more time spent living in poverty, the worse the outcome in adulthood.

We must do our best to prevent this cycle of disadvantage.

Through offering material aid, we can help a parent offer quality childcare and rewarding interactions. The love between parent and child is the foundation for intellectual and emotional development

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