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Lauren* and her husband, Jake*, were struggling to make ends meet. They had put their hearts and souls into their two businesses, but the pandemic had stripped them of their livelihoods. They were left with nothing but bills to pay and a search for a new career. Then, Lauren found out she was pregnant.

The couple had always dreamed of starting a family, Lauren knew from a young age she wanted to be a mum.  But now they were filled with fear and uncertainty. They had already eaten through their savings, and with no job and no income, they didn’t know how they were going to afford all the things their baby would need. It was a dark and scary time for the couple.

One day, Lauren received a call from the local church who knew that Lauren and Jake were struggling, and had submitted a request for aid to Big Group Hug,

“I knew preparing for a baby would be overwhelming,” said Lauren. With no more savings and no income, getting ready for a baby was stressful. Lauren was overcome with emotion. “I don’t know what we would have done” she said. “The help of the church and Big Group Hug really took a load off”.  

When they arrived at the church to collect what they thought would be a small box of things for their unborn baby, Lauren and Jake were brought to tears as they unpacked all the items inside. It was like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds of their despair.

“The quality of everything from Big Group Hug was incredible. And the amount. I didn’t expect to receive so much”.

Lauren received everything they needed for their baby, from nappies and wipes to a cot and pram, clothes and blankets. Now they had what they needed to give their new baby the best start in life.

Lauren and Jake felt a renewed sense of hope and gratitude. They knew that they would get through this difficult time, and they were inspired to pay it forward when they were able. They never forgot the kindness of the church and Big Group Hug, and they knew that their baby would grow up surrounded by love and support, thanks to the generosity of strangers who cared.

*Names changed to protect individual privacy

It can cost a family upwards of $5,000 to prepare for a newborn. Every year thousands of expectant parents receive items from Big Group Hug to lessen this financial burden. To support more families like Lauren & Jake, please donate today to support Big Group Hug.

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