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Chamelia and Baha Datta* left behind everything they knew in Bangladesh when they migrated to Australia a decade ago. They were full of hope and excitement for the opportunities that awaited them in this new land.

They embraced their new life in Australia with vigour. They soon went on to have a child, and not long after two more. They were ecstatic.  But the excitement turned to worry very quickly. 

Chamelia and Baha’s daughter Aysha* was diagnosed with a rare disease that meant her skin was extremely delicate and easily blistered, causing immense pain and discomfort. She would need intensive daily medical care.

Their life felt like it was crumbling around them. Aysha’s care is a full-time job, Chamelia, is unable to work outside the home and she doesn’t drive. Baha, is the sole income earner, and often has to work long hours to make ends meet. He also needs to take time off work to attend to Aysha’s medical appointments, further adding to the financial pressure on the family.

The Datta family struggled to make ends meet, and the financial burden of Aysha’s medical needs only added to their stress. They were isolated in Australia with no family and minimal social supports, making for a significant emotional and financial impact on Chamelia and Baha.

They had no one to help with care of their other two children. No money for clothes their children were growing out of, and their youngest had outgrown his bassinet. They felt as though they had no one to turn to.

Until a social worker at the Royal Children’s Hospital told them about material aid they could receive from Big Group Hug. They were overwhelmed at the notion that charities such as this exist, with the sole purpose to help families in need.

They received a cot, clothes for all of the children and some toys to help bring a little joy.

You can help families like the Datta’s. Donate today and help ease the financial burden.


*Names changed to protect privacy.

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