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Nerida* had always wanted a big family, but the reality of her situation was far from what she had imagined.

She spent 10 years in a refugee camp, alone and scared after witnessing the horrors of genocide. In 2009 she received the news she had been hoping for, a refugee visa for Australia.

Her life in Australia started out just as she had dreamed. But Nerida’s husband became violent and abusive. She loved their 9 children deeply and did everything she could to protect them, and she knew that the best way to protect them was to leave. And she did.

When she found a new relationship some time later, she hoped that she had met someone who would be a source of support and comfort for her and her children. Sadly, the reality was far from what she had longed. Her new partner was unsupportive and often cruel to her and the children. So once again, to protect herself and her children, she left.

Nerida found herself alone, lonely and struggling to care for her 9 children. And to make matters worse, she soon found she was pregnant – with twins.

As the months went by, Nerida’s exhaustion and anxiety grew. She needed help. She was unable to work and with the imminent arrival of the twins, she was overwhelmed.

She had no family to turn to for help, having lost them in the genocide in Rwanda. So Nerida turned to the only person she felt could count on for help, her midwife, who made a request to Big Group Hug on her behalf.

Nerida received everything she needed for her unborn twins, as well as some clothing, activity packs, and toys for the other 9 children.


You can help by families like Nerida’s. Donate today and together we can show families like Nerida’s that they are not alone.


*Names changed to protect privacy

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