Kate Thwaites MP visits Bundoora HQ

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Last week, Kate Thwaites, the Member of Parliament for Jagajaga, visited Big Group Hug’s HQ in Bundoora.

CEO Bernadene Voss gave Ms Thwaites a tour of the warehouse where they discussed the challenges facing families in the community and the ways in which Big Group Hug continues to make a difference.   

Together they discussed the new charity legislation and red tape reduction as positive moves that could have a significant impact on the Australian charitable sector. “By reducing the bureaucratic burden, it will be easier for charities to operate and achieve their objectives. This could help to encourage more people to get involved in charitable activities, either by volunteering or donating, and could ultimately benefit the broader community” said Ms Voss.

Ms Voss and Ms Thwaites talked about ways in which we could value volunteers in a more systemic way. “Volunteers are the backbone of Australia, and their contributions should be acknowledged and appreciated in a more significant way” said Ms Voss.

During the tour, Ms Thwaites took the time to speak with the volunteers, who were busy sorting through donated items, and acknowledge and thanked them for their hard work and dedication.  

Kate Thwaites MP has been a supporter of Big Group Hug for a number of years, and her visit highlights the important role that community leaders can play in supporting grassroots organizations. By lending her voice and her support, she helps to raise awareness of the important work being done by Big Group Hug and inspires others to get involved.  

Ms Thwaites’ visit to Big Group Hug was a testament to the power of community-based action and the importance of supporting organizations that work to make a positive impact on the lives of others.  

We’re very grateful to Ms Thwaites’ on her continued commitment to our organization and mission. 

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