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Kinship Care - John

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John* was a proud grandfather. He had always looked forward to spending time with his grandson, Ralph* watching him grow and learn. But he never expected to be his primary caregiver.

When he took on temporary custody of the 18 month old, it was a challenge he never could have prepared for. John loved his grandson more than anything in the world, but he was struggling to provide for him.

He was living on a Centrelink income, and it was barely enough to cover his own expenses, let alone the costs of caring for a small child. He tried his best to make do with what he had, but it seemed like there was so much Ralph needed, that he just couldn’t afford. He had to scrimp and save just to put food on the table for an extra person.

He knew he needed help. The stress of caring for his young grandson on minimal income was starting to wear on him. He no longer had a choice, he had to ask for help.

Big Group Hug provided John with an aid pack for Ralph – clothing, nappies, a cot, pram and some toys, significantly relieving the financial stress he was feeling, allowing John to focus on his grandson.

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*Names changed to protect privacy

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