Disposing of Baby Clothes? Do It Sustainably


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Looking to do some spring cleaning, but want to be sustainable? Here’s a list of how to stay green and tidy!

  1. Donate to Big Group Hug

We accept toys, clothes and so much more! For more details go to our donation page.

  • TerraCycle  
    • TerraCycle is one of the most innovative recycling companies we’ve seen! They recycle all kinds of baby gear from bathtubs, play tables and bassinets. They even take bottles, pacifiers, teethers and play mats. So, you’ll be able to stay green even as you throw out your bub’s old items. TerraCycle doesn’t take baby clothing, fabric, baby diapers, electronics or hazardous waste. To know what they do and don’t recycle, visit their website.
  • Local Op Shop
    • Consider donating the items we do not accept to your local op shop. This includes adult clothing, bedding, cots and more. Pass it on and still make sure that your old and unusable items do not end up in landfill!
  • Burp towel/stained cloths
    • Use as rags and wipe up any other stains that you may find around the house. This can keep your house tidy and make sure that all your old and dirty cloths can be used for as long as possible.
  • Upcycle
    • Get creative! Turn your old cot into a new table. Or turn your old sippy cup into your toddler’s favourite crayon holder. These DIY projects can be a perfect day for mum, dad and bub.
  • Swap
    • Swap some of your old items and get something else you really need!

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