Bendigo Bank Marks 10th Anniversary of Supporting Big Group Hug


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Bendigo Bank and Big Group Hug celebrate a decade of partnership in 2024/25, showing how a dedicated group can deliver significant ongoing impact, meeting evolving community needs. 

Reflecting on the non-profit’s journey thus far, Big Group Hug CEO Bernadene Voss expressed profound gratitude towards Bendigo Bank East Ivanhoe, noting, “They helped us at the beginning when no one else was on board yet.”   


Bendigo Bank’s steadfast support has been pivotal in Big Group Hug’s journey, providing substantial financial donations supporting various projects and initiatives to grassroots  collection drives like the renowned “PJs, Jocks, and Socks” campaign.  


Through their collaborative efforts, Bendigo Bank and Big Group Hug have improved the lives of hundreds of individuals and families. Together, they have sparked constructive change in communities that have frequently gone unnoticed and offered hope during difficult times.  


“Over the years, the East Ivanhoe Community Enterprise has funded various items, improving safety and efficiencies for our volunteers, and delivering essential aid for our beneficiaries.” commented Bernadene. “As our charity continues to grow in response to community need, our partnership has also grown to include grant funding and goods drive supports from various Community Banks and collaboration with the Bendigo Bank executive.  The future is looking bright for another 10 years of collective impact”.


Most recently, East Ivanhoe Community Enterprise (AKA Bendigo Bank East Ivanhoe) and Inner West Community Enterprise (AKA Bendigo Bank Seddon) co-funded essential equipment for Big Group Hug’s warehouses to expand aid provision and keep volunteers safe.


As they celebrate this year’s significant milestone, both organizations remain committed to fostering more resilient communities. Big Group Hug extends heartfelt gratitude to Bendigo Bank for their steadfast support and dedication, recognizing the bank’s crucial part in their journey thus far.

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