Australia’s Extreme Weather and Landfill


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Australia’s extreme weather poses a significant threat to our health. While this impact is severe now, it is only getting worse with time.

From bushfires, fires, floods and droughts Australia’s harsh weather is impacting homes all across the country. More and more Australians are experiencing health problems, including an increased risk of death. Not to mention, food security has been impacted as well, implying increased rates of malnutrition.

Needless to say, there is a direct correlation between climate change and supporting vulnerable families.

Low-income households tend to live in areas that are more adversely impacted by climate change, but tend to lack the resources to support themselves during weather disasters. Vulnerable families also tend to spend most of their weekly income on energy and water, and face greater hurdles for energy efficiency.

We need to support vulnerable communities and promote justice by fighting for a safer climate.

By taking steps to ensure a more sustainable planet, we can promote social justice and help vulnerable families. A simple way to do this is by reducing our carbon footprint by minimising our waste.

From 2018-2019, Australians produced 76 million tonnes of waste, or a 10% increase when compared to the amount produced in 2016-2017. Moreover, households produced 12.4 million tonnes of waste, with there being a 5% increase.

Our waste ends up in a landfill. Not only are these landfills uneconomic, but they also pose great health risks. They tend to produce emissions and leachate that can be highly toxic as they have high concentrations of heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

At Big Group Hug, we find a worthy home for your pre-loved items. This means that just by donating you’re reducing waste, mitigating the impacts of climate change and supporting underprivileged families!

Your life-changing donations don’t just support vulnerable children and families, but this generous action also keeps your family and your neighbours safe for years to come.

We at Big Group Hug do just that by offering material aid to support families and children who need it most.

Your donations can curb the effects of poverty and disadvantage. Your donations can give children the necessary items for a happy childhood that are so often taken for granted. Your donations can create long-term change in children’s lives.

This in turn helps parents too, by easing their financial burdens, stress and building stronger, happier and healthier families.

Big Group Hug is committed to giving every child a fair start in life. We know you are too.

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