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Struggling Against Adversity

Anna* is a devoted mother of two young children, Dylan* aged 4 and Zoe*, 18 months.  Anna found herself facing overwhelming challenges that seemed to snowball the harder she tried to work through them all.  

Her husband, Marcus*, worked in rural Victoria to support the family, returning home only on weekends. From Monday to Friday, Anna felt isolated, caring for their two young children alone. Some weeks, the days and nights were long and hard.  

Their lives took a devastating turn when a house fire destroyed all their belongings, including vital documents like birth certificates and passports. This marked the beginning of a steep downward spiral for the family, leading to significant financial hardship. 

Anna felt like they felt like they were back to square one, having to source new furniture, repair their home, and work through the red tape of new passports and birth certificates all while getting through the day to day. 

Not long after the house fire, Anna found herself in an even more trying situation when her toddler had to be admitted to the hospital. With limited social supports to rely on, she once again faced this challenge alone. The strain of managing her child’s health crisis, coupled with the ongoing struggle to make ends meet, on top of everything else they had to deal with in the preceding few months had taken its toll. 

They were struggling financially, Anna making the difficult decision each week on which necessity to prioritise. Could she buy the clothing Dylan desperately needed as he was outgrowing what he had? Or would she buy a few extra nappies and wipes while they were on the half-price sale, and forego the toiletries she and Marcus needed?  Every week she felt like she was making impossible decisions.  

The trauma of the house fire, the financial stress and the health battles Zoe was facing were wearing Anna down. She was slowly becoming a shell of herself.  

Anna confided in her Maternal and Child Health Nurse who made a request to Big Group Hug on her behalf and we provided the immediate assistance the family needed. Dylan received clothing in the next size up, they were provided nappies for Zoe, and a toy pack to bring her some joy following her hospital stay, allowing Anna and Marcus to focus their attention and funds on further house repairs and bills. 


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