Our Mission

Let’s give every child the best start in life

Our actions are simple.

We help vulnerable children who are living in crisis by seeking and then distributing essential items in times of need. 

But our goals are complex.

To end the cycle of childhood poverty that simply shouldn’t exist in our local neighbourhoods.

Our Vision

For people to work together to protect every young person in Australia from the adverse effects of disadvantage.

Our Mission

To mobilise community support to respond to the immediate needs of young people, particularly vulnerable children and their families.

Helping children thrive

Early childhood is a critical time for a child’s emotional, mental and physical development. If they do not have what they need to learn, grow, and feel connected, it can have a significant outcome on their development and future health, well-being, and employment outcomes. In fact, children raised in poverty are two to three years behind in literacy and numeracy by the age of 15.

Brain Development:
Did you know…?


of a child’s brain development happens by the age of five.

Children’s wellbeing is critical to brain development and learning.

Children’s brains are changed by experience.

Through the provision of age appropriate toys, formula and safety equipment for babies and toddlers, we hope to aid in the positive development of the children we support, so they can thrive.

We give your donations a new life.

You give a child a better life.

We aim to minimise the impact of disadvantage by alleviating material disadvantage.

We take pre-loved goods sourced from our community to give them a second life with a disadvantaged family, whilst alleviating the financial burden. The amount of waste that our small organisation cuts down through this up-cycling process is eye-opening. Perfectly good pre-loved items that would otherwise be in landfills are now helping kids in our community.

We’re called Big Group Hug for a reason!
Our mission is to collectively make a change.

It’s the caring collective that makes the biggest difference. Our vision is to mobilise the community to come together, with individuals helping in any way they can

Our community contributes in so many ways!


Last year we had over 300 volunteers work with us – sorting donations, washing and repairing goods, liaising with agencies, community outreach, coordinating volunteers, managing the warehouse, and fundraising.


We receive second-hand and new goods from our community, and many local retail businesses donate new goods too. We actively campaign throughout the year for essentials like new socks, jocks and pj’s.


We can’t operate without certain services. Over the years people have donated their professional skills with our plumbing, assembling shelving, IT support, and more.


We rely on generous donors and grants to buy new items and essential supplies such as formula, nappies and wipes. Funds help us rejuvenate pre-loved items and grow our services to meet community needs.

Our Guiding Principles

We’re committed to supporting every young family who asks for help while ensuring that the child remains the focus of everything we do.

We will provide responsive, non-judgmental support and aid, targeting families who are disadvantaged, vulnerable or marginalised.


We are committed to building a network with existing welfare agencies and social services to provide essential material aid items to their clients.


Children come first. We will not be deterred from mobilising community support to distribute aid to vulnerable families

Environmental Sustainability

We aim to divert more than 60 tonnes of good quality pre-loved items from landfill every year for reuse by families in need.


We will be transparent and accountable for all our activities and actions.


We will partner with organisations and community groups with an ethos to support vulnerable children and families and protecting the environment.






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