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We've found a new home!

We're moving!

Following an incredible tenure in Bundoora, we’re excited for the future in our new HQ – we’re moving just 8 mins away! We’re so happy to be staying in the neighbourhood.  Watch this space for further updates! 

Closure period

We will need to close for a short time from 10 July whilst Bundoora HQ becomes NEW HQ.  Airport West remains unchanged and will continue to operate.

What does this mean for goods donations?

From Monday 10 July, we will temporarily suspend all donation drop-offs to the Bundoora warehouse for a few weeks. We encourage donors to hold onto their items during this time, or take them to one of our many public drop off points. Our Airport West hub remains operational.

What if I have a booking during the closure period for a drop-off?

If you’re booked in, you can still drop off, however no new bookings or donations can be accepted during this time.

What happens with requests for aid during the closure period?

We will also temporarily close for requests. The closure period will last for approximately two-three weeks, during which we will focus on the relocation process. This will enable us to manage the relocation smoothly and ensure that no essential items are left behind. It also allows is to put thing in motion to ensure that when we do reopen we are ready to help children and families in need to the best of our ability. We are working closely with the network of support workers who request items from us for their families. Our goal is to return to normal operations as soon as possible and we will work hard to make this a reality.

Shout Outs!

A special and heartfelt thank you to the following for helping us with the move:

Fab Industries

We a new home!

We’re bursting at the seams and need a new home. We are in a unique situation where demand for our service continues to grow and the existing warehouse is no longer sufficient to continue our mission.
The need for change is timely following five happy years at our Bundoora HQ, our landlord is reclaiming the space for commercial purposes so we must vacate by September. 
We need your help to find a new home!

Message from the CEO

“We are calling on our wonderful community of supporters to please help spread the word in the hope we can find a new home.

As we continue to grow our service to reach more children in hardship, we need a larger warehouse. 

We have been looking for a new location, but as commercial properties are in high demand we cannot compete with the market.

If you or anyone you know has warehousing or similar large space available, or you’re looking for an amazing charity to cohabitate with, I would love to hear from you.” 


– Bernadene Voss, CEO

How you can help!

Spread the news! Share this webpage with everyone you know, with family, at work, and in your social groups.

Can't help with a warehouse but want to do something?

We know just how difficult looking for a new warehouse is. If you don't know of a warehouse, or someone we might be able to talk to about acquiring one, but would like to help in some way - you can! Make a donation today to help us with the rent.

In the news

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CEO Bernadene speaking with Ali Moore on ABC Melbourne Radio 15 Feb 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

If we can’t find our dream location, do not fear, Big Group Hug will continue. We have operated for 9 years, including through a pandemic, and we will not let this stop us. We’ll do what it takes to ensure we continue providing essential aid to the families that depend on us. If we have to raise funds to pay commercial rates, we will. If we have to lower our sights and move into a location of a similar size to what we’re in now, we will (although that will mean we are limiting our growth in the short-term). We will not let our community down.  We will continue to operate. We will make it work.

Airport West will remain as is, there will be no change at this stage. However if we need to extend operating hours from Airport West to ensure we continue to provide the support that our community needs, we will certainly look into that. 

Absolutely you can! We’re looking for organisations and businesses to partner with. There are many ways you can be involved, from sponsoring a section of the new warehouse to co-habitating. Contact Bernadene to discuss all of the options. 

For all media enquires please contact:

Emina – 0406 616 985 or email 

Maria – 0420 510 192 or email 






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